Saturday, 3 March 2012

Diane Thorneycroft - Group of Seven Awkward Moments "Grey Owl and Anahareo at Beaver Swamp" 2007 Chromira Print 21" x 30"

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  1. This photograph is part of Diana Thorneycroft’s Group of Seven Awkward Moments series, in which she explores and critiques notions of national identity and the conventions of Canadian history. Here, in front of Lawren S. Harris’ Beaver Swamp landscape, she presents a diorama depicting Anahareo and Grey Owl by their cabin. The figures’ behaviour undermines their ‘official’ reputation as conservationalists, as Anahareo aims a gun toward the intoxicated Grey Owl and a bambi-like herd. History can be viewed as a selected narrative. Here, the artist invents her own alternative fictions in the place of traditional historic events. In doing so, she highlights the real flaws in the story that are otherwise overlooked. (Winnipeg Art Gallery site)